Safety cautions / 安全のために

Well, a user guide to a, say, consumer electronics must contain safety cautions. When it comes to accessories, — they usually do not come with such a guide!
Still, accessories in general might create an accident that can hurt the wearer.

家電品なら、安全のための注意事項は必ずマニュアルに明記してあります。では、アクセサリーとなると? マニュアルというものが、ございません!

So, here are few examples. Please pardon the clumsy cartoons, since I’m not a cartoonist!!

1. Long necklace or lariat caught by — / ロングネックレスやラリエットが機械に…

Long necklaces, lariats

Long necklaces, lariats

You heard of a muffler or a tie caught by a machine can cause an accident. The same can happen to a long necklace or a lariat. So, I ask both adults and kids to be careful!


2. Y-shaped necklace with a long pendant / 長いペンダントのY型ネックレス


With a long pendant

With a long pendant

Especially when a small kid is wearing a long pendant, it can hit his/her face, when he/she suddenly jumps up, begins to run, etc.


3. Often, plain chokers can be safe — / 単純なチョーカーが安全な場合があります

Often, chokers can be a safe choice ---

Often, chokers can be a safe choice —

So, what can be the safest type of necklaces?? This is nothing definite, yet out of my experiences, plain chokers can often be the safest. Still, make sure the wearer has no metal allergy, for instance.

では、どういうネックレスなら、安全なのでしょうか?これは、「絶対にこうだ」などとは言えない問題なのですが~ 私の経験からは、単純なチョーカーが安全性に優れることが、よくあります。それでも、金属アレルギーなどの問題は、ご確認願いますね。

If you have any safety concerns about your order, please let me know before I get down to the making of your order!



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