No NFT offers, please! / NFTは扱っておりません!

No NFT offers, please!

At least for now (June 2024), I do NOT
deal with NFTs. So, please do not bring
up a NFT offer to me!

’Cause I consider NFTs as a means to
set up “originals” of digital images.
That’s why they are “non-fungible”, am I
This means a hand-painted “original”
artwork does not need a NFT, for

Subtle color differences
Moreover, to turn a hand-painted
painting into a digital image, you need
to photograph it first, right?
Then, you “mint” the digital photo
into a NFT and then upload it to a
NFT website.

Now, I tell you, no camera so far is
able to reproduce subtle coloring of
a hand-painted artwork.
Just take a close look at the two images
of the same recent painting of mine,
shown below:
One scanned, the other photographed.

“Whose Shelter?”, scanned / スキャナー

Photo of the same / 同じ作品の写真

You see, no digital reproduction of a
hand-painted painting can justly
claim to be the “original”!

So, I send you the originals.
You turn them into NFTs yourself!
So, instead of uploading NFTs,
I send the “physical” originals
of the paintings ordered to the
Upon receiving the payment
for the “originals”,
I also grant to the customer the
right to:
– photograph / scan the paintings
sent to the customer.
– mint the resulting digital images
into NFTs
– upload and resell the minted images,
provided the customer clearly indicates
that the physical originals of the images
were created by Heeday Francis.

Thus, you could make money out
of the paintings you buy from me!

So, please do not ask me to mint my
works into NFTs. Instead, buy physical
originals from me, and you mint them
into NFTs. Then, you could resell them
and make money!


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