Difference of 1:40 / 1時間40分という違い

Part of 2-hr drawing, scanned / 2時間デッサンの部分、スキャナー

2-hour “dessin” (drawing)
Crayon (wax pastel) on sketchbook
Not for sale — just a drawing exercise

On February 11, I joined a drawing (not croquis) session. Here is what I made there.

I often show my 20-minute croquis here, and they are inevitably coarse and sketchy.
The Feb. 11 session, however, gave me 2 hours to work on a single pose.

The difference of 1 hr and 40 min made a “helluva lot” difference in the outcome,
as you see.
With this time given, I afforded to look at the model longer, who carried an atmosphere
of some contemplation. To me, it seemed like some discernment.
So, the background has “two lights” (Jack-o’-lanterns???), and the model is
facing the “right light.”

Now, my sketchbook has some bend, which made a photo warped, as shown below.
So, the image above is a scanned one.

非売品 ・・ 単に、デッサン練習です





Same drawing, whole, photo / 同じデッサン、全体、写真


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Hey, did I lock my door? / ドアの鍵、かけたっけ?

20-min croquis — did I catch the atmosphere right? / 20分クロッキー ・・ 雰囲気を取ら和えられたでしょうか?

Just a 20-min croquis from a Feb. 3 croquis session.

Seen from my angle, the model looked like thinking of something —
— maybe some sarcastic people say she’s thinking “Hey, did I lock my door?”
No matter what she was actually thinking of, her pose created some
nice meditative atmosphere.

In the 20 minutes, I tried to capture that atmosphere, with just a
box of 25 colors of crayon (wax pastel).

20-min croquis
Pentel’s crayon on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis

* For my “finished paintings” (not croquis or sketches),
just click an item on the black menu above.
For instance, to see my paintings of human bodies,
just click “Works – Human bodies”.


・・・ ことによると、口の悪い人なら、「あ、部屋の鍵かけたかしら?」とか言い出すのかも


非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーです

* 私の完成作品(クロッキーやスケッチではなく)をご覧になるには、

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“Un(re)productive” Stage 1

Below on January 25, I showed only the skeleton of “Un(re)productive”.
here is its Stage 1 — now I hope you see what it is like!

“Un(re)productive”, Stage 1
Oil pastel on paperboard
Work in progress

* To see my finished paintings on social issues,
just click “Works – Social issues” on the black menu above!



* 私が社会問題を描いた完成作品(スケッチなどではなく)をご覧になるには、

“Un(re)productive”, Stage 1


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Just an exercise / 単なる練習です

As in many disciplines, in drawing and painting as well an artist has to repeat some basic training over and over again, as long as she/he draws and paints.
So, I occasionally draw statues, in addition to outdoor sketching, human model croquis, etc.

I found a neighborhood Roman Catholic church has a statue of the BVM, so I went there,
said Hail Mary, and drew it.

I hereby express my gratitude to that RC church — you know, lifesize statues are something hard to own for an individual artist, especially in the housing situation of the overcrowded city of Tokyo.

Just an exercise in drawing statues
Pencil on croquis paper
Not for sale, of course — just part of my training




もちろん非売品 ・・ 単に、自分の練習です

Just an exercise / 単なる練習


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“Smudge” and move on — / 指先で伸ばしてやっていこう

As mentioned below on January 27, I found Pentel’s crayon can be smudged with
a fingertip. So, at the January 20 croquis session, I tried smudging with the next pose,
as shown below.
Now, I think I can try a bit different style of crayon croquis — I’ll try at my next croquis session.

Just a 20-min croquis
Crayon on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis experiment

* To see my finished paintings (not croquis) of, say, the human body, just click
“Works – Human bodies” on the black menu above.

というわけで、次回のクロッキー会からは少し違うスタイルのクレヨン クロッキーを試せそうです。

非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーの実験です

* (クロッキーなどではなく)私の完成作品をご覧になるには、上の黒いメニューで

20-min croquis, crayon, with some “smudging” / 20分クロッキー、クレヨンを一部指先で少し伸ばしました


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Now, you’re beginning to see it — / これで、なんとなくわかるでしょ

I’ve begun working on the new painting whose “skeleton” was shown on Jan. 19 below.
Now, you are beginning to see what I’m up to —

Please wait for my future posts of this work, which I have named “Curved Sky”..

(  ^o^) /  “Curved Sky”, Stage 1
Soft pastel on paperboard
Work in progress

To see my other paintings and their prices, just click an item on the black menu above.
For instance, if you like imaginary landscapes, click “Works – Spiritual.”



(  ^o^) / “Curved Sky”, ステージ1


Curved Sky, Stage 1 / Curved Sky, ステージ1


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Difference between “CRAYOLA (R)” and “Pentel” / CRAYOLAとPentelの違い

Crayon (wax pastel) is rather new to me, and recently I found some difference between different brands of the medium.
The first crayon I used was CRAYOLA (R), because that was the only crayon brand I knew.
It is quite hard, and hard to “smudge” with a fingertip.

“I didn’t know of this brand of wax pastel!”
Recently, I found another brand, “Pentel” (a Japanese brand), and bought a box of 25 colors.
I used it at a croquis session on Jan. 20. I was a bit surprised to find this brand’s wax pastel is softer and applies to the paper surface a lot more easily than CRAYOLA (R) does.
So, I tried to “smudge” Pentel with a fingertip, and it worked, at least to some extent.
The resulting 20-min croquis is shown below.

It is important to try different brands of the same medium
— especially when the medium is something disregarded at some artist supply stores — you know, many stores carry several different brands of oil paint, yet it is not easy to find wax pastel at such stores. Many do not treat crayon as a “serious” medium. I do.

( ^o^) / 20-min croquis with “Pentel” crayon
Crayon on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis to see how Pentel’s crayon works

* To see my finished paintings (not croquis) of, say, the human body,
just click “Works – Human bodies” on the black menu above!

私が初めて使ってみたクレヨンは CRAYOLA (R) ですが、これは、私がクレヨンというとそれしか知らなかったためです。
CRAYOLA (R) はとても硬く、指先で「伸ばす」ことが困難です。

それを1月20日のクロッキー会で使ってみました。ちょっとビックリしたのですが、ペンテルのクレヨンはCRAYOLA (R) よりもかなり柔らかいのです。

— 特に、一部の画材屋さんで軽視されている画材の場合には。ご存知のように、多くの画材屋さんでは油絵具なら各社のものを置いてあるのですが、クレヨンは探さないと見つけられないですよね。多くの人たちが、クレヨンを真剣に扱っていないのです。私は、真剣に画材として扱っています。

( ^o^) / 「ペンテル」のクレヨンでの20分クロッキー
非売品 ・・ ペンテルのクレヨンの「試し描き」クロッキーです

* 私の(クロッキーではなく)完成作品をご覧になるには、

Just a 20-min croquis — trial of “Pentel” crayon / 単なる20分クロッキー ・・ ペンテルのクレヨンの試し描き


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“Un(re)productive”, just begun / “Un(re)productive” 描き始め

In protest to discrimination against those people called “un(re)productive” by some,
I made some sketches and reviewed them.
I do sense such discrimination existent in today’s world,
and it can involve eugenics, to which I am determined to oppose.

I have settled down with this sketch.
Now, I’ll work on this mainly with oil pastel,
which is good for making coarse lines and surfaces.

( ^o^) / Sketch for “Un(re)productive,”  a protest against eugenics
Sorry for the moire in the photo!
Please wait for my future posts, as I keep working on this!



( ^o^) / 優生思想への抗議、”Un(re)productive” のためのスケッチ

Sketch for “Un(re)productive” — some moire in the photo / “Un(re)productive” のためのスケッチ、写真ではモアレが生じていますね


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Ad for a friend / 友達のための宣伝

I have a friend who is also a painter, named Haruna. She is having a show of her decorative paintings, in western Tokyo, Thursday 14th through Tuesday, 19th, this coming February.

Haruna’s Decorative Paintings

Thursday 14th through Tuesday, 19th, February 2019
Noon to 6pm (Till 5pm on 19th)

At Gallery K, 1st fl. of Daiichi Hotel, Kichijoji, Tokyo
(Just ride an “Inokashira Line” train at the Shibuya railroad station,
and get off at the last station, “Kichijoji”, and walk north between
two department stores, PARCO and Tokyu.)



Lick to enlarge / クリックすると、拡大します。


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All artists are not positioned equal / アーティスト間の位置の平等が~

On January 2oth, I joined another croquis session, as usual of 6 poses, 20 minutes each.
The room was full. 25 artists or so surrounded the model.

(;; ^o^) >  Artistic gambling
Now, it was up to the model to decide her body’s orientation (which way to put her head and legs).  Of course, she changed her orientation with each pose she made.
This meant that the artists simply had to gamble on whether they were to face the model’s back, front, legs, or head, in each pose. They had no control over it.

<(; -_-) > I don’t like gambling!
When she laid herself on the floor, unluckily to me, she threw her legs at me and my neighbors. We had to change our positions — if we could. Actually, we couldn’t, since the room was packed.

Foreshortening in 20 minutes
So, I stood on my chair, to gain a better view of the model in whole. Still, this angle still required some foreshortening. Well, foreshortening is something every painter must learn to do, of course, — but only in 20 minutes??

I’m not Mantegna!
So, as you see, I wrote in the croquis “Foreshortening in 20 mins? I’m not Mantegna!”
Of course, this Mantegna refers to Andrea Mantegna, that great Italian Renaissance painter whose “The Lamentation over the Dead Christ” proved his mastery of foreshortening!

So, what?
Avoid overpacked drawing classes / sessions, as far as you can!

(;; ^o^)  20-minute croquis
Crayon on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis

* To see my “finished paintings” (not croquis) of, say, the human body, just click “Works – Human bodies” on the black menu above!

この日は部屋が満杯で、25人前後の絵描きさんたちが ひしめき合っていました。

(;; ^o^) >  作画でのギャンブル

<(; -_-) >  私は、ギャンブルは苦手だ!
モデルさんが床の上に寝転がるポーズで、私には不運なことに、モデルさんの足が私と「近所の人たち」の方にやってきました。通常なら、描く側が場所を変えるところですが ・・・ 部屋は満杯だったのです。


そんなわけで、このクロッキーには “Foreshortening in 20 mins? I’m not Mantegna!” という
「マンテーニャ」というのはもちろん、イタリア ルネッサンスの偉大な画家アンドレア マンテーニャの

で、要するに ~~

(;; ^o^)  20分クロッキー
非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーです

* 私の「完成作品」(クロッキーなどではなく)をご覧になるには、

20-min croquis, with some foreshortening / 20分クロッキー、ある程度の短縮遠近法


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