Works — Social issues (社会問題を描いたもの)

Art activism

If you want paintings of “art activism” —
「アート アクティヴィズム」の絵画をご希望なら ・・・

Shown here are my paintings of “art activism.” So, on this page, I do not
set a price, because an “art activism” painting can change its value
depending on your particular social situation and need.
Therefore, the price of each painting shown on this page is to be negotiated
between you and me.
Please contact me, Heeday, at
yadokari_ermite*  (<– Replace * with @)
Also, if you want me to paint something new to a subject and specs you want,
please let me, Heeday, know!

このページの作品は、「アート アクティヴィズム」つまり社会的主題の絵画ですので、お客様の社会状況に応じて価値が変わります
yadokari_ermite* (<– *@で置き換えてくださいませ)

* Click each image to expand.

Suspicion-Mutual (相互の疑惑)

“Suspicion-Mutual”, done, whole, photo / 完成、全体、写真

Oil pastel and wax pastel on paper
426 x 365 mm (16.8″ x 14.4″)
Price: To be negotiated

426 x 365 mm
お値段:  交渉で

Upper right detail, scanned / 右上ディテール、スキャナー

Bottom left detail, scanned / 左下ディテール、スキャナー


“Whose Shelter?” (誰のシェルター?)

Whose Shelter?
Done / 完成

In a “peace time”, many just pass by
homeless people giving them a scornful
Yet once a major quake has hit the city,
or a nuclear attack —??

coloring pencil and wax pastel on paper
285 x 255 mm (11.2″ x 10″)
Price: To be negotiated

285 x 255 mm
お値段 : 交渉で


“Trampled and Ignored”  (踏みつけられ、無視され)

Praying for all those people “trampled and ignored” —

Done, whole, photo / 完成、全体、写真

oil pastel and wax pastel on paper
285 x 420mm (11.2″ x 16.5″)
Price: To be negotiated

285 x 420mm
お値段: 交渉で

Upper detail, scanned / 上部ディテール、スキャナー


Lower detail, scanned / 下部ディテール、スキャナー

“Gate of Hell”

Gate of Hell, done / 完成

Oil pastel on paper
400 x 280 mm (15.7″ x 11″)
Price: To be negotiated

400 x 280 mm
お値段: 交渉で

Upper part, scanned / 上部分、スキャナー

Lower part, scanned / 下部分、スキャナー


“Divine Blessing??” (神の祝福??)


“Divine Blessing??”, whole, photo / 全体、写真

“Divine Blessing??”
A depiction of a high religious leader
“blessing” his country’s nuclear weapons

Oil pastel on paper
534 x 363mm (21″ x 14.3″)
Price: To be negotiated

“Divine Blessing??” (神の祝福??)
高位聖職者 ・・・

534 x 363mm
お値段: 交渉で

Upper part, scanned / 上部分、スキャナー

Lower part, scanned / 下部分、スキャナー

”Who Do You Think UR” (何様のつもりなんだ)

Whole, photo / 全体、写真

Top left part, scanned / 左上部分、スキャナー

Oil pastel on paper
276 x 346mm (10.9″ x 13.6″)
Inspired by a 1970s pop song (Jigsaw version)

276 x 346mm

* Generally, a scanner image shows colors
closer to the real ones, yet my scanner is
usually not big enough to capture the whole

* 概して、スキャナー画像のほうが実際の

“Empty Gain” (空虚な勝利)

“Empty Gain”

523 x 365 mm (20.6″ x 14.4″)
Oil pastel on paper

523 x 365 mm

Dirty Bomb Nightmare (ダーティボムの悪夢)

“Dirty Bomb Nightmare”,

Oil pastel on paper
485 x 360mm (19.1″ x 14.2″)

YouTube Politician(YouTube政治家)

Most of the work / 大部分


Left edge / 左端

Right edge / 右端



237 x 305mm (9.3”x 2″)
Vertical lines of ball-point pens on paper
(except for the YouTube buttons and bar)
Price: To be negotiated

237 x 305mm
お値段: 交渉で


Vaccinated Olympic (ワクチン漬けのオリンピック)

“Vaccinated Olympic”, whole / 全体


”Vaccinated Olympic”, detail / ディテール

262 x 376mm (10.3″ x 14.8″)
Color pencil, wax pastel, and oil pastel on paper
Price: To be negotiated

262 x 376mm
お値段: 交渉で決めましょう


Behind the Masked Smile (マスク下の微笑の裏に)

“Behind the Masked Smile”

June 2021
Oil pastel on paper
328 x 380mm (8.3″ x 15″)
Price: To be negotiated
328 x 380mm
価格: 交渉で決めましょう


+++ Archive below / この下は、アーカイブです +++

NOTE: None of the works shown below is with me any more.
So, none of the below is available for sale. Sorry!!
The below is a digital archive of my past works.
I’ll post new studies and works, as I come up with them!

ご注意: この下で紹介している作品は、いずれももう私の手元になく、

* Click each image to enlarge!
* 各画像をクリックすると、拡大されます。

Japanese society after the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown

“Run! For Your Life!!”

Whole / 全体
Note the lower left and upper right corners were intentionally torn apart and burnt. / 左下と右上の隅は、意図的にちぎり、焦がしました。


Lower right corner (photographed before the assemblage) / 右下の隅 (アサンブラージュの前に撮影)


“Run! For Your Life!”, done, middle portion / 完成、中央部

I meant this to be cranky and junkie — because
it depicts Japan’s society following the Fukushima Daiichi
meltdown which began in 2011.

There seems to be no way out of it (victims are running inside
the pipes), yet there must be a way out, as suggested in the
lower right corner — every human-made system WILL
collapse one way or another!

Oil pastel and color pencil, and assemblage,
on paper board primed with tempera
727 x 465mm (28.6″ x 18.3″)



727 x 465mm


“Contamination” (蔓延)

Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
350 x 437 mm (13.8″ x 17.2″)

* I created the scratch for this painting in February 2020.
I wished the scratch would turn out to be unnecessary
(i.e., the COVID-19 plague would be contained soon) —
but Japan’s government was slow in taking action.
So, I did this painting and posted it here — as of
April 8, 2020, Tokyo is in a state of emergency.

350 x 437 mm

* この作品のためのスクラッチは、2020年2月に作成しました。

“Contamination”, middle part, scanned / (蔓延)、中央部スキャン画像

”Contamination”, whole (photo) / (蔓延)、全体(写真)



“Complacency” (自己満足)

“Complacency” / (自己満足)

Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
312 x 408 mm (12.3″ x 16.1″)

* At     Merriam-Webster defines “complacency” as
“self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of
actual dangers or deficiencies”.
This was precisely the attitude of many national leaders of Japan
as they faced the emerging COVID-19 crisis, back in February 2020.
So, in March 2020, I made this oil pastel painting.

312 x 408 mm

* complacency という英語は、辞書的には「自己満足」と

これはまさに、2020年 2月時点で多くの日本の指導者たちが示していた

そこで同年 3月に、本作品を描きました。

“Silenced” (沈黙の強制)


“Silenced” (沈黙の強制)

There have always been voices of victims and voices calling for justice
that are “silenced”.
This is a painting of prayer for all such “voices”.
May they emerge and help our world change!!


Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
245 x 353 mm (9.7″ x 13.9″)
245 x 353 mm

Protest to discrimination



416mm x 594mm (16.4″ x 23.4″)
Oil pastel on paperboard
416mm x 594mm

“Un(re)productive”, whole (photo) / 全体、写真


Upper part, scanned / 上部部分、スキャン画像


Lower part, scanned / 下部部分、スキャン画像

In the summer of 2018, a parliamentary member of Japan called LGBTs
“unproductive” —
Though I myself am a “hetero”, I hate discriminating against any people
for their sexual orientations.
So, here is a painting in protest to the “unproductive” remark.

Protest to an unimaginable court decision

This last April, the Nagoya District Court of Japan gave a “not guilty” judgment to a father who raped his own biological daughter over and over again. This is a protest painting to the unimaginable court decision.
(For details on this deplorable court decision, please see )
同判決の詳細報道は、下記をご覧ください。 )

“No, Dad, please don’t!”, Piece 1 (パパ、やめて! ピース1)

Oil pastel on paper
406 x 309mm (15.9″ x 12.1″)
406 x 309mm


“No, Dad, please don’t!”, Piece 1, done / ピース1、完成



“No, Dad, please don’t!”, Piece 2 (パパ、やめて! ピース2)

Oil pastel on paper board
594 x 418mm (23.4″ x 16.5″)
594 x 418mm

This painting is hard to photograph neatly, and it is larger than my scanner.
So, here I have to post images of some parts of it as well. (Click each small image to enlarge.)


Whole, sorry for the poor lighting! / 全体、撮影時に光が足りなかったですね


“No, Dad, please don’t!”, done, middle part / 完成、中央部

Top right portion / 右上部分




Bottom left / 左下部分

Bottom right / 右下



Protest against “prosperity gospel” (prosperity gospel への抗議)

You know, if God blesses you with wealth and success,
God wants you to use them to help the poor and oppressed.
Not to savor them for yourself.

“Prosperity Gospel”

455 x 530mm
Wax pastel on paper
455 x 530mm

Whole picture, photo, Colors darker than the real ones / 全体、写真、色彩が実際よりも暗いですね


Detail, upper left, scanned / 細部、左上、スキャン


Detail, lower left, scanned / 細部、左下、スキャン





Detail, upper right, scanned / 細部、右上、スキャン

Detail, lower right, scanned / 細部、右下、スキャン







4-piece suite of war (戦争に関する4連画)

Undercover Treaty

606mm (23.9″) x 500mm (19.7″)
Oil on double canvas, with the top canvas torn open to “reveal the dying soldier”,
606mm x 500mm
ダブル カンバスに油彩、上のカンバスを破いて「死にゆく兵士」を露呈、コラージュ

* Sorry for the poor photo — it was taken at a gallery during a show
* 写真の質が悪くて、ゴメンナサイ。ギャラリーでの展示中に撮影したものです

"Undercover Treaty"

“Undercover Treaty”


652mm (25.7″) x 530mm (20.9″)
Oil on canvas
652mm (25.7″) x 530mm

* Sorry for the poor photo again!
* これも、写真の質が悪くてごめんなさい!



National Flag

The flag’s size not measured — the pole is 1.8m (70.9″) long.
Oil on canvas nailed to a pole

Photographed while displayed in a gallery in Tokyo

Photographed while displayed in a gallery in Tokyo


Bird on the Plain

530mm (20.9″) x 455mm (18″)
Oil on canvas-in-canvas, with the smaller canvas “caged”
530mm x 455mm
カンバス インカンバス、小さい方のカンバスは「かご」の中

Bird on the "caged" canvas ---

Bird on the “caged” canvas —



A 2017 work on war — “Wanna Get Nuked?
戦争に関する、2017年の作品 ・・ “Wanna Get Nuked?” (核、喰らいたいか?)

620mm (24.4″) x 545mm (21.5″)
Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
620mm x 545mm

Wanna Get Nuked?

Wanna Get Nuked?


Another 2017 work on war — “Facing Off
戦争に関する、2017年の作品もう1つ ・・ “Facing Off” (にらみ合い)

415 mm (16.3″) x 292 mm (11.5″)
Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
415 mm x 292 mm

"Facing Off"

“Facing Off”


Scenes from a metropolis (大都市の光景)

Something Wicked This Way Comes (忍び寄る不安)

390mm (15.4″) x 460mm (18.1″)
Water on paper
390mm x 460mm

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Midnight Train Dream (深夜の電車にて)

652mm (25.7″) x 530mm (20.9″)
Oil on canvas
652mm x 530mm

* Sorry, light reflection in the upper middle of the photo!
* ゴメンナサイ、写真の中央上に光の反射が

Midnight Train Dreams

Midnight Train Dreams


Disco People

* Not with me anymore — in someone else’s hand
* 他人の手に渡っており、私の手元にありません
652mm (25.7″) x 530mm (20.9″)
Oil on canvas
652mm x 530mm

Disco People

Disco People

Coffeeshop Argument

505mm x 610mm (19.9″ x 24″)
Soft pastel and collage on paperboard
505mm x 610mm

Sudden crashes of glasses and a flying coffee cup, at a cafe —
カフェにて、突然、グラスの割れる音と空飛ぶコーヒーカップ ・・・

Coffeeshop Argument

Coffeeshop Argument


Computer Operator

* Not with me anymore — in someone else’s hand
* 他人の手に渡っており、私の手元にありません
723mm (28.5″) x 1030mm (40.6″)
Assemblage and collage on panel
723mm x 1030mm

* Sorry, some light reflections in the photo
* スイマセン、これもところどころ光の反射が写真に写っております

Computer Operator

Computer Operator


Biz Corp.

* Not with me anymore — in someone else’s hand
* 他人の手に渡っており、私の手元にありません
910mm (35.8″) x 727mm (28.6″)
Assemblage on oil on canvas
910mm x 727mm

Biz Corp

Biz Corp


“Argument” series (「口論」シリーズ)
(Do humans really communicate? / 人は、コミュニケートなどできるのか?)

Argument I — Louder, Louder (口論I ・・ 声を荒げて)

420mm (16.5″) x 297mm (11.7″)
Oil pastel on paperboard
420mm x 297mm

"Argument I -- Louder, Louder"

“Argument I — Louder, Louder”


Argument II — Existence / Non-existence
(口論II ・・ 存在・非存在)

oil pastel and color pencil on paper
550mm x 395mm (21.7″ x 15.6″)

(Please click the image to enlarge / 画像をクリックして拡大なさってください)

Argument II -- Existence / Non-existence

Argument II — Existence / Non-existence

“Argument III — To the Rescue”

(口論III ・・ 救出へ)

Oil pastel and color pencil on paper (紙にオイルパステルと色鉛筆)
462mm x 374mm (18.2″ x 14.7″)

This work is based on a very queer imagination:
A terrorist hit a busy street with a strange new weapon called “freeze bomb.”
A rescue team rushed to save the victims, but was divided over how —
a steam iron? A chisel and hammer? Or a fire thrower??
You know, too often good people get together for a good cause, but are divided over how to achieve their good goals —-

スティーム アイロン?ノミとハンマー?火炎放射器?

"Argument III -- To the Rescue"

“Argument III — To the Rescue”


Upper part / 部分、上の方

Upper part / 部分、上の方


Lower part / 部分、下の方

Lower part / 部分、下の方

Argument IV — Conclusion”

(口論IV ・・ 結論)

Oil pastel and color pencil on paper (紙にオイルパステルと色鉛筆)
420mm x 297mm (16.5″ x 11.7″)

You know, too often we exchange harsh words just in place of punches and kicks —
残念ながら、殴り合いをする代わりに、ひどい言葉の応酬をしてしまう場合が、よくありますよね ・・・

"Argument IV -- Conclusion" (口論 IV ・・ 結論)

“Argument IV — Conclusion” (口論 IV ・・ 結論)


Argument V — Logophobia
(口論V ・・ 言語恐怖症)

Oil pastel and color pencil on paperboard (イラストボードにオイルパステルと色鉛筆)
287mm x 417mm (11.3″ x 16.4″)

Is language truly there to communicate? Or to divide and control??

"Argument V -- Logophobia"

“Argument V — Logophobia” (口論 V — 言語恐怖症)


Excommunicated (遮断)

Everyone is looking at his/her smartphone, except for the homeless person in the “marginal” left —
みなさん、スマートフォンを見つめながら歩いてらっしゃいます ・・・ 左端のホームレスの人物以外は ・・・

color pencil on paperboard
297mm x 420mm (11.7″ x 16.5″)

* Please click the image to enlarge / 画像をクリックすれば、拡大します




Excommunicated II

Again, the focus is on the homeless person in the lower left corner —
やはり、焦点は左下のホームレスの人物に ・・・

“Crayola(R)” and color pencil on paperboard
319mm x 409mm (12.5″ x 16.1″)

Excommunicated II

Excommunicated II


Website illustrations

Shown below are some of the illustrations to some people’s websites I have made so far. (So, they are all of a size easy to scan with a common scanner.)
So, they are not in themselves available for sale —
Yet if you want me to illustrate your website, please contact me, Heeday, at
hidecius* (<– Replace * with @)
All hand-painted! No digital processing!

hidecius* (← * を@ で置き換えてください)

Urban Mirage I
Color pencil on paper

Urban Mirage !

Urban Mirage !

Urban Mirage II
Color pencil and pastel on paper

"Urban Mirage II

“Urban Mirage II


St. Citizen
Color pencil on paper

St. Citizen

St. Citizen


Dead End
Oil pastel, color pencil, and watercolor on paper

Dead End

Dead End


Truth Gone I
Color pencil on paper

Truth Gone I

Truth Gone I


Truth Gone II
Color pencil on paper

Truth Gone II

Truth Gone II


Want me to paint something new, to your taste??
Just click “To order or inquire” in the black menu above to find my contact info, 
and let me know your budget and the motif, size, medium, colors, style, etc. you want!
We can negotiate! Maybe I can make your “one and only” painting.



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