A new direction with oil pastel / オイルパステルでの、新しい方向性

After comparing two similar works (the tulips posted earlier) of pointillism, one with oil pastel and the other with felt-tip markers, I decided on durable markers in pointillism.
So, should I discard oil pastel?? No! Oil pastel is a very clumsy medium when it comes to drawing precision. This at the same time means it is excellent in deforming things!

So, I have decided to use oil pastel in “socio-psychological realism” — to depict all the distortions found in our human society! Here, I have just started with it —

Work in progress (Phase 1), oil pastel on carton

I’ll post this again as it progresses —

じゃ、オイルパステルは捨ててしまうのか?いえ! オイルパステルは、正確に描くには実に不向きな、「不器用な」画材です。しかしそれは同時に、物事を歪めるには実に適した画材だ、ということでもあります。


制作中(フェーズ1) の作品、イラストボードにオイルパステル


Just begun -- work in progress / 描き始めだところ(制作中です)

Just begun — work in progress / 描き始めだところ(制作中です)


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