“Argument II” done! / “Argument II” (口論 II)、完成

OK, the “argument over existence / non-existence of a certain bird species” is now done!

“Argument II — Existence / Non-existence”, oil pastel and color pencil on paper
550mm x 395mm (21.7″ x 15.6″)

* Price — Well, since this is a work depicting an “ugly” side of us, I don’t think anyone would want to have it. IF you want it, please let me, Heeday, know. The price is negotiable.
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“Argument II — Existence / Non-existence”、紙にオイルパステルと色鉛筆
550mm x 395mm

* 値段 — これは我々の「醜悪な」面を描いた作品なので、欲しがる方がいらっしゃるとは、私は思っていません。ただ、もしご希望の場合には、私(わしお ひでき)までお知らせください。

Argument II -- Existence / Non-existence

Argument II — Existence / Non-existence


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