Same model, similar poses on the ground, yet different angles

(日本語)  同じモデルさん、床に横たわる似たようなポーズ、でも違うアングルだと ・・・

On September 17, I joined in another croquis (quick drawing) session.
As always, 6 poses, 20 minutes each.
Twice the model lay on the ground, as shown here.

You know, when drawing a model lying on the floor, it’s easier for the artist to stand on his/her feet. (When you bowl and you have the 10th pin standing alone, you move yourself to the left, if you are a righthander, right? It’s usually easier to draw the “object” with a broader range of angles.)
So, in the 20-min drawing below with the caption saying “From above”, I followed this usual way. It was easy, just ”business as usual”.

In the other croquis below, “Very low the floor”, I tried drawing with my bottom half on the ground — from a very low angle. This was, needless to say, quite unusual and, I say, really tough!

You see, when drawing a human model, it is crucial to choose the right position and posture. So, very often I seat myself on the floor or even stand up on a chair, in response to the model’s pose.

Two 20-min croquis, red pen on paper
Not for sale —  just croquis





非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーです

Just a 20-min croquis, "From above" / 単なる20分クロッキー、「上方から」

Just a 20-min croquis, “From above” / 単なる20分クロッキー、「上から」


Just a 20-min croquis, "Very low on the floor" / 単なる20分クロッキー、「床に近い低い視点から」

Just a 20-min croquis, “Very low on the floor” / 単なる20分クロッキー、「床に近い低い視点から」



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