Thought with hand work, or handwork with thought? / 思考が先か、手作業が先か?

Another 20-min croquis from February 18 —
When I have 10 minutes or more for a single pose, I do not immediately start drawing when the “stopwatch” rings. I watch the model and his/her pose and let some images arise in myself. Then, I get down to the “pencil/chalk work.”

Thus, my hands and thought are at work simultaneously together.
The croquis, in such a case, turns out to be a sketch of the motif and an idea, rather than of just the motif.

When I drew this one, I only had some brownish and white chalks. So, this “croquis of an idea” consists of browns and white only. Yet I think I can develop it into a multi-colored painting —-

20-min croquis
Chalk on paper
Not for sale — just a croquis


下のクロッキーを描いたとき、手元に茶系と白のチョークしかありませんでした。そのため、この「アイデアのクロッキー」は茶色と白だけになっています。でも、多色の絵画に持って行けそうな ~~

非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーですので

20-min of "floating" ideas and handwork / 「ただよう」アイデアと手作業の20分

20-min of “floating” ideas and handwork / 「ただよう」アイデアと手作業の20分


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