What comes up from the dye bucket — / 染料バケツから出てきたものは~

Dyeing another shirt
This time, in place of “dripping” dyes over to the shirt (just like Jackson Pollock did to his canvases), I dipped the whole white shirt into a bucket of dye solution.

今回は、ジャクソン ポロックがカンヴァスでしていたような「ドリッピング」ではなく、

The white shirt before tit sank into the bucket / バケツに沈む前の白いシャツ

The white shirt before it sank into the bucket / バケツに沈む前の白いシャツ

Dipped in the dye / 染料の中に沈んでます

Dipped in the dye / 染料の中に沈んでます






So, you might think the shirt comes out of the bucket in solid black —
— well, dyeing is not that simple. And that’s why it is a lot of fun!


Just see how the shirt looked —
まあ、実際のシャツをご覧あれ ・・・

After the dyeing / 染めた後

After the dyeing / 染めた後

So, in the coming days, I’ll add more dyes to it.

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