“Quick” flier / 短期間で作るチラシ

I occasionally design and make prints as well.
Yesterday, I designed and prepared a “quick” monochrome flier for a neighborhood church. It lacked the money to ask an “InDesign” designer to do the work, so it came to me, and I did it with MSWord and “cut & paste”, making all the drawings with my own hands.

Photocopied flier
With hand-drawn cartoons

昨日は、近所のキリスト教会のモノクロ チラシを作っていました。
”InDesign” などのデザイナーに依頼する資金がないので、私がMSWordと


Monochrome flier / 白黒のチラシ

Monochrome flier / 白黒のチラシ


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