Coarseness of “ball points” / ボールペンの荒々しさ

You know, every “drawing” medium has its characteristics. A ball-point pen is no exception, though many consider it as a “writing” medium, rather than “drawing”.

A tiny ball of metal rolling with ink creates very coarse and scratchy lines. And it is hard to change the line width. So, it is unfit for “fine, sensitive” lines. This means, however, it is a good drawing medium when it comes to making coarse, rough lines.
So, whenever you want to make a “squeaky, rampant” drawing, a ball-point pen might help.

Another 20-minute croquis from May 6th.
Ball-point pen on paper
Not for sale — just a croquis



非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーです

20 minutes with ball-point pens / 20分のボールペン描画

20 minutes with ball-point pens / 20分のボールペン描画


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