“Alstroemeria” done! / 完成

I showed its Stage 4 on May 30th below, and here it is done!

JPY 20,000- (USD 184, if USD = JPY 109)
(Does NOT include framing or shipment)
FABER-CASTELL’s “PITT(R) Artist Pen” * on paper
319mm x 408mm (12.6″ x 16.1″)

* I used only those “PITT(R) Artist Pens” carrying either ** or ***.
for which the manufacturer claims ink durability of 25 years or more
or 100 years or more, respectively.

下の5月30日にステージ4を紹介した Alstroemeria、完成しました!

紙にFABER-CASTELL社の “PITT(R) Artist Pen” *
319mm x 408mm

* “PITT(R) Artist Pen” のなかでも、** または *** の印があるものだけを

Alstroemeria, done / 完成

Alstroemeria, done / 完成

To order, just contact me, Heeday, at
heeday*jcom.home.ne.jp (<– Replace * with @)
FAX: +81-3-6765-3977
For more detailed contact info, just click “To order or inquire”
in the black menu above.

お問い合わせ・ご注文は、私(わしお ひでき)まで!
heeday*jcom.home.ne.jp (<– * を @に変えてくださいませ)
FAX: 03-6765-3977

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