Just begun, this time with oil pastel / 始めたところ、今度はオイルパステルで

Below on August 19, I posted an experiment with “crayon” or wax pastel, by which I found out that crayon is not good for making smooth color gradations.
Yet I like the original 20-minute croquis shown below.

So, I have begun working on a new project based on the same croquis but with a different medium this time that is nice with smooth gradations — oil pastel. It is only just begun, and shown here is the outline only.

New oil pastel project only just begun, and its original 20-min croquis
(Just begun) oil pastel on paper
(The original 20-min croquis) pencil and crayon on paper
Of course, the oil pastel project is a work in progress!




Only just begun -- outline only / 描き始めたところ、輪郭だけ

Only just begun — outline only / 描き始めたところ、輪郭だけ

--- based on this 20-min croquis / 元になった20分クロッキー

— based on this 20-min croquis / 元になった20分クロッキー


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