A very — ahem — chubby model / かなり、その、ぽっちゃりしたモデルさん

On September 24, I joined another croquis session — as usual, 20 minutes x 6 poses.
Now, we had a new female model, who was — ahem! — very chubby, if I may.
Yet she gave me a bunch of brand-new experiences!

I had never seen a drawing model with much body fat like her — no insult intended, but I really appreciated her. You know, many drawing models are either slim, medium, or macho. Also, I myself do not carry much body fat.
So, for instance, in most of the human bodies I had drawn by then, the belly sort of dents below the lowest ribs. Mine does so, too.  Yet this particular model’s belly bulges there — again, no insult here, but I was really surprised, simply because I had never drawn a belly like that!
Since I was drawing a body shape completely new to me, I had a really hard time drawing it — which at the same time provided excellent training for me!!

Honestly and seriously, I owe many thanks to the model!

20-minute croquis, with the background done later in another 20 minutes or so
Wax pastel (body) and oil pastel  (background) on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis

9月24日にもクロッキー会があって、行ってきました。いつも通り、20分 X 6ポーズです。



非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーです

20-min croquis + bkgrnd added later / 20分クロッキーに、後で背景を咥えました

20-min croquis + bkgrnd added later / 20分クロッキーに、後で背景を加えました



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