Why different styles for the same model / 同じモデルさんなのに、違うスタイルなのは、なぜ?

20 min, ball-point pen / 20分、ボールペン

20-min, pencil / 20分、鉛筆










(Click to enlarge / 画像をクリックすると、拡大します)

These two 20-min croquis are from the same crosuis session held way back in December 2015. So, I used quite different styles for the same model.

Some people tell me that I do not hold on to the same drawing style, depending on the
motif, atmosphere, message, etc.
Here, let me explain why.

Left image
In the left croquis, this particular model’s leanness (a very lean body, indeed!) gave me
a wild imagination of overcongesstion pressing people into some “stick-like people.”
So, I drew this crazy imagination.

Ball-point pen on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a croquis experiment in 20 minutes

Right image
In the right one, luckily in a way, the lean model turned her back right at me —
as many of you know, a lean lady creates a very lovely waist curve in a pose like this.
So, here, I just made a plain, “conventional” croquis, in order to describe the
beauty of her waist curve. Then, I added in some random curves to create an impression that the model was looking out into some space, in the remaining minute or so.

Pencil on croquis paper
Not for sale — just a 20-min croquis

I hope you see that I do not change my media / styles on a whim, but I think about what is the “beef” of that particular drawing / painting and change the styles/ media accordingly.




非売品 ・・ 20分での、クロッキー実験です


非売品 ・・ 単なる20分クロッキーです



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