At last, a rose of Sharon I like / ようやく、気に入ったムクゲが

“Rose of Sharon” At last, I’ve come up with a sketch I like. / (ムクゲ) ようやく、自分で気に入った下絵が出来ました

After some struggles with sketches of a rose of Sharon,
at last, I have come up with one I like.

Here it is. As I said below on August 22, I have been struggling to
present the vital force of the plant, which stands firm and straight
under the killing sun of Tokyo’s summer while giving nectar to
ants and bees.

Sketch of “Rose of Sharon” (At long last, I’ve come up with one I like!)
Oil pastel on paper
This is a sketch — the painting soon begins on this.

* To see my other paintings (finished ones),
just click an item on the black menu above!



“Rose of Sharon”(ムクゲ)、下絵 (ようやく、自分で気に入った下絵が出来た)

* 私の他の絵画(完成作品)をご覧になるには、上の黒いメニューで

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