“Cosmos Field”, Stage 2 / ステージ2

“Cosmos Field”, Stage 2 / ステージ2

Below on September 13, I showed the start of this painting.
Here is Stage 2.

The Greek origin of the word “cosmos” was κοσμοs, which meant
“the world as something in ordered unity” — thus, it was the
etymological origin of words like “cosmetics”, “cosmic”, etc.

My intention in this painting is to bring back this connection
between the flower and the “cosmos”.

“Cosmos Field”, Stage 2
Felt-tip marker on paper
Work in progress

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For instance, click “Works – Flowers” to see my
paintings of flowers.

* How durable is the ink??
To read about the durability of the ink of the markers I use,
please scroll down and read my post below on September 13.


The Greek origin of the word “cosmos” という言葉の元になったギリシャ語 κοσμοs は、
そこで、 “cosmetics” とか “cosmic” といった言葉の語源になりました。

作品での私の意図は、この花と “cosmos” の間のそうした関係を捉えなおすことにあります。

“Cosmos Field”、ステージ2

* 私の作品(完成作)をご覧になるには、上の黒いメニューで

* インクの耐久性


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