“Kal Mosa II”, done / 完成

“Kal Mosa II”, done / 完成

So, this is done!

“Everything that comes out of God’s mouth” —
for the meaning of the Hebrew phrase “kal mosa”,
just scroll down and read my post below on Dec. 21.

“Kal Mosa II”, done
Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
304 x 434mm (12″ x 17.1″)
USD 300-

* To see my other paintings (finished ones),
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kal mosa というヘブライ語の意味については、

“Kal Mosa II”、完成
304 x 434mm
32,700-円(300米ドル、USD = JPY109を採用)

* 私の作品(完成作)を他にもご覧になるには、上の黒いメニューで

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