“Angel of Earth”, done / “Angel of Earth”(地の天使)、完成

“Angel of Earth”, done (placed on a wooden table) / (地の天使)、完成(木のテーブルに置いた状態)


Actually, this painting went through Stages 3 and 4 in its making.
Yet allow me to skip them, since I wouldn’t want to post similar
images with small changes in sequence here.

This is the final. It is done.
I imagined a giant angel carefully carrying our planet,
which is very fragile —

“Angel of Earth”
Piece 3 of the four-piece suite “Angels of the Elements”
Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
483 x 300mm (19″ x 11.8″)
USD 250-

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“Angel of Earth”(地の天使)
4連作 “Angels of the Elements” (4元素の天使たち)のピース3
483 x 300mm
27,250-円(USD = JPY109 で換算)

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