“Angel of Wind”, Stage 2 / (風の天使)、ステージ2

“Angel of Wind”, Stage 2 / (風の天使)、ステージ2

So, “Angel of Wind” is in progress — the last piece of the
four-piece suite, “Angels of the Elements”.

Please ignore the “black belt” on the right — my scanner
does not fit this painting’s size right and this empty
belt of black is left in the image.

“Angel of Wind”, Stage 2
Piece 4 of the four-piece suite, “Angels of the Elements”
Oil pastel on paper board primed with tempera
Work still in progress

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“Angel of Wind” (風の天使)、ステージ2
4連作 “Angels of the Elements” (4元素の天使たち)のピース4


“Angel of Wind”(風の天使)、ステージ2
4連作 “Angel of Wind” (4元素の天使たち)のピース4

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