T-shirt to tell who you are — “Male Soprano” / 自分がどういう人かを知らせるTシャツ ・・「男性ソプラノ」

As I say in the “Fun page” of this website, I’m an amateur male soprano
(soprano countertenor). When I sing, say, as part of the congregation
at church, some people around me are utterly surprised to hear my voice.

To prevent such possible surprises, I’m working on a new T-shirt that
says “Male Soprano”.

Male Soprano” front, just begun / 前面、描き始め

This is just an example. If you are, say, a seafood chef and a bit worried that
some people around you might catch your “fishy” smell, you can try a shirt
that says “Seafood Chef” to let people around you take it easy!

If interested, just click “To order or inquire” on the black menu above
to find my contact info!

Back, just begun / 背面、描き始め

このウェブサイトの “Fun page” でも申しておりますが、私はアマチュアの男性
ソプラノ(ソプラノ カウンターテナー)でもあります。たとえば教会で皆さんと

目下、そうした事態を避けるため、”Male Soprano” と明記した新たなTシャツを

“Seafood Chef” と明記したシャツを着るのも良いかも。


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