The vermilion parka, back, done / 例のヴァーミリオンのパーカ、背面、完成

Done! / 完成

So, this is done!
I have nothing to do with the “Rosenkreuz”, nor am I Lutheran.
I just love a “Latin cross surrounded by roses.”

If you want me to paint your fav motif / message on the clothes of your choice, just click “To order or inquire” on the black menu above to find my contact info!


ご自分のお好きなモチーフやメッセージを描くご注文がありましたら、私(ひで)にまでお知らせくださいませ! 私の連絡先は、上の黒いメニューで「お問い合わせ・ご注文は」をクリック!


About Francis

Painter, artist of hand-painted / dyed clothes and bead accessories, print designer
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