First scratch for another painting / 別の作品のための、最初のスクラッチ

First scratch — so, it’s enigmatic! / 最初のスクラッチなので、訳が分からないですね

My current neighborhood has many farms i it, and this is the first time in my adult life to spend my days in an area like this —

At one of them, around 3 weeks ago, I saw several scarecrows lined up in a circle. Watching them, I came to an imagination of some angels, having come down to our planet, spreading seeds —

So, I’ve decided to create another new painting to depict that imagination, and here is the first scratch for it.

Please wait as I keep working on it. I know that a “first scratch” is usually simply enigmatic!! (^O ^ ;;)

First scratch for “Angels sowing seeds of light”
Ball-point pen on paper




最初のスクラッチなんてものは、多くの場合、見ても訳が分からないですね。(^O ^ ;;)  今後の投稿を、お待ちくださいな。

Angels sowing seeds of light のための最初のスクラッチ


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