? < ( ? o?) ? The scratch below revised / 下のスクラッチ、修正

Reworked scratch — ready for painting / 手を加えたスクラッチ、これからペインティング

I know, I know that this is so scratchy — just because it IS a scratch!!
I have reworked on the first scratch shown below on February 1.
Shown here is its middle portion.

Now, I’ll start painting on it with color pencils and wax pastel (crayon).
As I proceed, I’ll show you how the painting is here on this website.

Final “scratch” for “Angels sowing seeds of light”
Ready for painting
Pencil on paper

これはまだ、まともにスクラッチ ・・・ そりゃそうです、スクラッチなんですから!


“Angels sowing the seeds of light” のためのスクラッチ

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