20-min croquis — of a “cliche” statue / 20分クロッキー ・・ありふれた彫刻

Just a 20-min croquis with a ball-point pen / 単なる20分クロッキー、ボールペン

So, I made this 20-min croquis (quick drawing), with a ball-point pen, of a quite common statue — a kind you expect to find at a public park. And yes, I found it at such a park.
Yet why am I drawing such a “visual cliche”??

The reason is plain and simple — the current pandemic.
As you know, it is not recommended presently for 20+something artists to get together in a single studio! So, I cannot join a croquis session for now.

So, instead of drawing a live human model, when I find a statue or an artistic object, I make a quick drawing of it.
Let’s pray we will get over this pandemic soon!

Just a 20-min croquis with a ball-point pen
Not for sale — just an exercise for myself




非売品 ・・ 自分自身のための練習ですので

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