“Behind the Masked Smile”, started over / (マスク下の微笑の裏に)、やりなおし

“Behind the Masked Smile”, Stage 1 / (マスク下の微笑の裏に)、ステージ1

When the calamity hit me harshly late February, I lost the first version of this painting.
So, now, I’ve started it over, with oil pastel, as a “rehab exercise” with the medium.

If you are in the English-speaking world, please remember that,
while countries like the US and the UK have been vaccinating their citizens successfully,
here in Japan the vaccination has only just begun.
Alas, therefore, over here  “COVID nervousness” is still lingering —
This “rehab exercise” is at the same time a depiction of Japan’s current social atmosphere.

“Behind the Masked Smile”, Stage 1
Exercise of oil pastel painting
Oil pastel on paper

Please wait for Stage 2!


無論、コロナ ウイルスに対する不安を裏に秘めた微笑を描いたもので、現時点の

“Behind the Masked Smile”(マスク下の微笑の裏に), ステージ1


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