Parallelly, I’m working on — / 並行して、こちらも …

”Behind the Masked Smile” is still in progress, yet I am working on this other painting parallelly.
”Behind the Masked Smile” も制作進行中ですが、並行してこちらも進めております。

“Me mou haptou” (Stop clinging on to me), Stage 1 / 私にしがみつくのは、やめなさいよ、ステージ1

This is inspired by a famous phrase in the Gospel of John, 20: 17, “Me mou haptou”.
This phrase has traditionally been translated “Noli me tangere”, or “Don’t touch me”.
Yet the original Greek obviously says something like “Stop clinging on to me”, rather than
“No touching”.
Yet what does this “Stop clinging on to me” have to do with “, for I have yet to ascend to my Father”??? I’ll explain in a future post!

“Me mou haptou” (Stop clinging on to me), Stage 1
Wax pastel (crayon) on paper

この着想は、ヨハネ福音書 20:17 の有名な言葉  “Me mou haptou” から得ました。
伝統的にはこのフレーズは “Noli me tangere” (我に触るな)と翻訳されてきましたが、

“Me mou haptou” (私にしがみつくのは、やめなさいよ)、ステージ1

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