“Explanation” vs “fine” / 「説明」と「ファイン」

An “explanatory” illustration to my other website / 私のもう1つのウェブサイトに使う「説明」用イラスト

As I said before, I’m not trained to draw cartoons — still, my other website, a Japanese one spreading anti-nuke messages, requires some “explanatory” cartoons. The clumsy example shown here shows what MIRVs are, since some Japanese readers do not know what they are.

“Fine art” paintings have their place. Yet people do need something else as well, “explanatory illustrations”.
These two should occupy different places. Yet either is superior or inferior to the other. Both serve necessary and different purposes.

As an artist basically trained in “fine art” painting, I often find much of “fine art” ignorant of social issues, though in reality nothing in the human society is 100% isolated from that society. Today, much of “contemporary art” is “political” and/or “deals with social issues”, as you know. If art intends to establish its own “freedom”, it needs to be well aware of what its social environment is doing to it.
In the case of my anti-nuke website (written in Japanese), my clumsy “explanatory cartoons” are part of my effort to free the planet from nukes.



実際には、人間社会の中で創作や活動をしている限り、社会の影響から100%自由なものなんて、ありえません。実際、現代アートの多くは「ポリティカル アート」だったりしますよね。アートが自由を得たいのであれば、自らの社会環境を良く自覚することは不可欠です。

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