“Planetary Snakes”, Stage 1 / ステージ1

“Planetary Snakes”, Stage 1, whole (insufficient lighting, sorry) / ステージ1、全体(光が足りていませんね)

Bottom right detail, scanned / 右下部分のディテール、スキャナー画像
This is much closer to the true colors! / こちらが、実際の色に近いです。







Click each image to enlarge. / 各画像をクリックすると、拡大します。

Snakes are often a target of fear, but they too are part of our environment.
Especially so, when it comes to “synanthropes”, creatures that se3ttle down where humans do.
Even in central Tokyo, where I live, I sometimes see a species called “rat snake”, which is completely harmless to humans and feed on rats. They are actually quite beneficial to us,
humans, when you consider what rats can do to us.

In this wax pastel painting just begun, I am going to depict my imagination of harmless snakes being transformed into some “life forms of light”.

“Planetary Snakes”, Stage 1 (only just begun)
Wax pastel on paper
A lot more to do!



“Planetary Snakes”、ステージ1 (描き始め)


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