Felt-tip markers? Oil pastel? / マーカーにすべきか、オイルパステルか?

I’ve been working on oil pastel pointillism lately, but when it comes to pointillism, I find myself more attracted to the colors of some felt-tip markers. So, I just created the marker pointillism piece below.
Mmmm — I do prefer the colors felt-tip markers make on paper, since they have some transparency. The problem with markers is — durability! If I find markers with good durable colors, I’ll set my focus on such markers in pointillism. Now, I’m looking for such markers —-

“Ground in Space,” felt-tip marker on paper
Not for sale (an experiment)


“Ground in Space”、紙にマーカー

Felt-tip marker on paper / 紙にマーカー

Felt-tip marker on paper / 紙にマーカー


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