Another piece to the “Framed Li’l Ones” series

While all the prices of my paintings other than this new series exclude framing,
the prices of this new series, exceptionally,  contain the frame shown in the photo (but not shipment).

Here is the first landscape of the new series.

“Park with Sand Mounds”
“PITT Artist Pens * ” on paper
Painting itself: 364mm x 257mm (14.3″ x 10.1″)
Framed size: 386mm x 278mm (15.2″ x 11″)

JPY 20,000- (approx. USD 177, if USD = JPY 113)  + shipment
The frame shown below included

The painting

"Park with Sand Mounds," without a frame

“Park with Sand Mounds,” without a frame / 額のない状態


"Park with Sand Mounds",  framed / 額に入った状態

“Park with Sand Mounds”, framed / 額に入った状態


How durable is the ink??

In my paintings of felt-tip marker pointillism for sale, I use those PITT Artist Pens with “**” or “***” from Faber-Castell alone.
The manufacturer claims that the ink of PITT Artist Pens with “**” lasts 25 years or longer,
with those carrying “***” 100 years or more.
Please read “What does the lightfast rating mean?” at

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