“Ascent to Light”, done! / “Ascent to Light” (光への上昇)、完成

The piece of my “Framed Li’l Ones” series, which was still in progress on May 29th below, is now done!

Ascent to Light
“PITT Artist Pens” on paper
* For the durability of the ink, please click “Easy looking for sale” in the black menu above, and see “How durable is the ink?? / インクの耐久性”.
Painting itself: 297mm x 210mm (11.7″ x 8.3″)
Framed size: 329mm x 242mm (13″ x 9.53″)

JPY 20,000- (approx. USD 177, if USD = JPY 113)  + shipment
The frame shown below included.
For my contact info, just click “To order or inquire” in the black menu above!

Ascent to Light” (光への上昇)
紙に“PITT Artist Pens”
* インクの耐久性については、上の黒いメニューで「Easy looking for sale」をクリックして、
「How durable is the ink?? / インクの耐久性」をご覧くださいませ。
絵画自体 297mm x 210mm
額に入ったサイズ 329mm x 242mm

20,000円 + 送料


The painting itself / 絵画自体

"Ascent to Light", unframed / 額なし

“Ascent to Light”, unframed / 額なし

Framed / 額に入った状態

"Ascent to Light", framed / 額に入った状態

“Ascent to Light”, framed / 額に入った状態


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