“Nuke-Free World” / 核のない世界

Been painting on paper and canvas over the last several months — yet I can draw and paint on clothes as well!

Here is a “T-shirt work with a message” in the making. (I still have to work on the back side of the shirt.)
Of course, “Nuke-Free World” is a message for abolishment of nukes, both weapon and power. The angel is praying for it —

A message T-shirt in the making

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無論、Nuke-Free Worldは、核(兵器も、発電も)の廃絶を願うメッセージですね。天使が、そんな世界を祈っています ・・・



Message T-shirt in the making --- 制作中のメッセージTシャツ

Message T-shirt in the making — 制作中のメッセージTシャツ


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