“Argument III — To the Rescue”, Phase 2 / フェーズ2

This painting is now in phase 2, and it’s still in progress.

“Argument III — To the Rescue”, a work still in progress
Oil pastel and color pencil on paper

I told the weird imagination behind this painting below, on August 23rd.
I don’t know if a wicked weapon like a “freeze bomb” will ever be invented or not (I definitely hope not), but the focus is rather on the division of opinions on how to rescue the victims among the rescue team members — you know, in our harsh reality, “good” people often get together to do something good but split over what to do in specific activities —-  (>_ < ;;;)


“Argument III — To the Rescue”、制作中の絵画

お分かりのとおり、我々の過酷な現実においては、「善良な」人たちが集まって何か良いことをしようとするのですが、具体的にどうするかとなると分裂してしまう場合がよくあります。 — (>_ < ;;)

Argument III -- To the Rescue, Phase 2 / フェーズ2

Argument III — To the Rescue, Phase 2 / フェーズ2


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