20-min croquis from Sept 3 / 9月3日のクロッキー会から

I joined in another human model croquis (quick drawing) session on September 3, and here is one from there —
You might think the model’s upper arms are too thin, but actually, in this piece I drew the model as she was — she did have some thin arms, just like some women do.

Rather, this one shows the way I am — I tend to consider the “space around the motif” as something inseparable from the motif, while all the other artists at work there simply focused on the model. You know, in Einstein’s relativity, the relative velocity of an object alters its length — therefore, its shape as well. Thus, an object’s relation with the “space” around it affects the object itself. Thus, to me, a motif object is never actually separable from the space around it —-

20-min croquis, pencil on paper
Not for sale — just a croquis



非売品 ・・ 単なるクロッキーですので

20-min croquis from Sept 3 / 20分クロッキー、9月3日

20-min croquis from Sept 3 / 20分クロッキー、9月3日


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