“Argument III — To the Rescue” done / 完成

Here you go, friends,
“Argument III — To the Rescue” is done.

Once again, this is based on a wild imagination I had —
A terrorist hit a busy street with a queer weapon called “freeze bomb.”
A rescue team rushed to save the victims, but it is divided over how to save them —
a steam iron? A chisel and hammer? Or a fire thrower?

You see, I’ve seen good people, gathered for a good cause, being divided
over how to achieve their good goal — too many times.

“Argument III — To the Rescue”
Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
462mm x 374mm (18.2″ x 14.7″)
Price: IF you want this, please contact me, Heeday. The price is negotiable —
since this painting deals with a dark, messy aspect of our society,
I just cannot tell if anyone would ever want it, so I cannot set a price for it!

To order or inquire, just click “To order or inquire” in the black menu above to find my contact info!

“Argument III — To the Rescue” が完成しました。

改めて、本作はかなり奇妙な想像に基づいています ・・
意見が対立。スティーム アイロンか、ノミとハンマーか、それとも


“Argument III — To the Rescue”
462mm x 374mm 
お値段: もしご希望の方がいらっしゃれば、私(わしお)までご連絡くださいませ。


"Argument III -- To the Rescue"

“Argument III — To the Rescue”

(Click to enlarge / 画像をクリックすると、拡大します)

Upper part / 部分、上の方

Upper part / 部分、上の方


Lower part / 部分、下の方

Lower part / 部分、下の方



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