Working on six new paintings — / 新作6点、進めております

Now, I’m working on six new paintings.
As usual, I begin with scratches, and here is one of them.
I think I’ll just simply title it “Out There.”
Probably, it’s going to be another marker-on-paper (PITT).
Needless to say, the actual painting can differ significantly from the scratch.
You know, a scratch is just a scratch, after all.

A scratch for “Out There”, pencil on paper
Not for sale — just a scratch

これは、単純に Out There (かの地に)というタイトルにしようかなと。
おそらくこれは、また紙にマーカー(PITT) の作品となりそうです。

“Out There” のためのスクラッチ、紙に鉛筆
非売品 ・・ 単なるスクラッチですので

Just a scratch for "Out There" / "Out There" のための、単なるスクラッチ

Just a scratch for “Out There” / “Out There” のための、単なるスクラッチ


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