Name change! / 名称の変更

Dear friends,
I, Heeday, have been calling my own painting workshop (atelier) “Atelier anastasia” for years — then, recently, I found out there is a cosmetic brand carrying the same name!
Though the cosmetic brand sent me no complaint so far, I do not like carrying a name that might confuse people.
So, today, August 30th, 2018, I have changed my atelier’s name to “Heeday Francis” plain and simple!
It’s only a name change — nothing else changed.

I thought about what to do with the name over the last week — this should explain the absence of my new posts during the week.

私(Heeday)は今まで、自分のアトリエのことをAtelier anastasia(アトリエ あなすたーしゃ)と呼んできましたが、同じ名称のコスメティクス ブランドが存在していることを、最近発見しました。
本日2018年8月30日、名称を単純に Heeday Francis (ヒデ フランシス) に変更しました。


Self-portrait of Heeday / Heedayの自画像

Part of an assemblage I made way back in 1990, soft pastel on paper

Heeday, self-portrait

Heeday, self-portrait


About Francis

Painter, artist of hand-painted / dyed clothes and bead accessories, print designer
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