Another sketch for the No-Nuke poster / No-Nuke ポスター用のスケッチ、もういっちょ

Below, on September 14, I showed two sketches for a NO-Nuke poster to be published by the Anglican Church. Then I said I would create three more sketches.
Here is one of the three.

Honestly, I myself am indetermined as to how this sketch’s composition should be. It’s still messy!! IF this sketch is chosen as the draft for the poster, I’ll have to determine it and do the finish work.
The inspiration came from Chapter 25 of I Clement.

Another sketch for a no-nuke poster
Color pencil (and felt-tip marker) on paper
Not for sale — just a sketch for a poster

If you want to see other print designs I made before, just click “Prints” in the black menu above!

下の9月14日、Anglican Church の No-Nukeポスター用のスケッチを2種類、紹介しました。その際、さらに3種類のスケッチを後日紹介すると申しました。

着想は、I クレメントの25章から。

非売品 ・・ 単なる、ポスター用のスケッチです


Another sketch for the no-nuke poster / No-nuke ポスター用のスケッチ、別の1種類

Another sketch for the no-nuke poster / No-nuke ポスター用のスケッチ、別の1種類


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