Yet another sketch for the no-nuke poster / No-nukeポスター用スケッチ、さらにもう1つ

Just below on September 20, I showed a third sketch for this no-nuke poster.
Here is a fourth.
I think this is the most “common and familiar” one — the dove with an olive branch right after Noah’s Deluge. (Genesis 9: 12 – 17)  The olive fruit has a shape of Tohoku with Sendai (where the no-nuke forum takes place in 2019) and Fukushima Daiichi highlighted.
A major movement for peace and abolition of “nukes” (both weapons and power) should start up in Tohoku —
My next post will show you the fifth and final sketch!

Yet another sketch for a no-nuke poster
Color pencil (and felt-tip marker) on paper
Not for sale — just a sketch for a poster

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非売品 ・・ 単なるポスター図案のスケッチです


Sketch 4 / 4番目のスケッチ

Sketch 4 / 4番目のスケッチ


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