5th and last sketch for the no-nuke poster / No-nukeポスター用スケッチ、最後

Here is a fifth and the last one of the five sketches for the no-nuke poster.

This was inspired by an angel drawn by Paul Klee, and
I drew similar angels on my own T-shirts as well.
Somehow related to Isiah 9:5 and Chapter 11 (Prince of Peace
establishing eternal peace)

So, let’s see what the client has to say —-

Fifth and last sketch for a no-nuke poster
Soft pastel, color pencil (and felt-tip marker) on paper
Not for sale — just a sketch for a poster

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本来、パウル クレーの天使像からインスパイアーされたもので、


非売品 ・・ 単なるポスター図案のスケッチです


Sketch No5 for the no-nuke poster / No-nukeポスター用スケッチ、5つ目

Sketch No5 for the no-nuke poster / No-nukeポスター用スケッチ、5つ目


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