“Angels sowing the seeds of light”, in further progress / さらに進みました

“Angels sowing the seeds of light”, Stage 5, left part / ステージ5、左側部分


Right part / 右側部分

The subtleties of wax pastel and color pencil colors are hard to capture
with a camera or a scanner.
I’ve added some more layers of such colors, and I hope by now you see what this painting, still in progress, is about.

Angels sowing the seeds of light, Stage 5 (further progress)
Still in the making
Wax pastel and color pencil on paper

前回から、さらに色の層を加えました。これで、何の絵なのかお分かりいただけると思うのですが ・・・

Angels sowing the seeds of light、ステージ5(さらに進行)

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