Creating “my kind of cartoons” / 「私流の漫画」の創作

Recently, I described some hardship I experienced while working on cartoons to illustrate my other website,
a Japanese site on inseparability between nuclear weapons and power.
I have been trained as a “fine art” painter and NOT as a cartoonist. I, therefore, always experience the
sense of being “out of place” when I work on cartoons, though the Jp website needs to be illustrated with, preferably, cartoons.

After some struggling, I think I’ve found a way — “fine-art inspired cartoons”, like the one shown here.

私はあくまで「ファインアート」の絵かきとしての訓練は受けてきましたが、漫画家としての訓練は受けておりません。ところが、私の日本語ウェブサイトの方は、できれば漫画をイラストに使った方が望ましいのですね。それで漫画を描こうとするのですが、どうも「自分の畑」じゃないと ・・・


“Then he walked away —“

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