“Cosmos Field,” in pointillism, just begun / “Cosmos Field”、点描で描き始め

“Cosmos Field”, just begun / 描き始め

Felt-tip markers can be a good painting medium, when it
comes to pointillism on paper.
IF you simply draw lines with them, well, markers are quite limited in
expressions, but pointillism can make more of their ink colors (especially,
their transparency), IF you have markers with quality pigments.

I’m going to do a cosmos field with such markers.

“Cosmos Field”, just begun
Felt-tip marker on paper
Work just begun

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For instance, click “Works – Flowers” to see my
paintings of flowers.

* How durable is the ink??

In my paintings of felt-tip marker pointillism for sale, I use those PITT Artist Pens with “**” or “***” from Faber-Castell alone.
The manufacturer claims that the ink of PITT Artist Pens with “**” lasts 25 years or longer,
with those carrying “***” 100 years or more.
Please read “What does the lightfast rating mean?” at http://www.fabercastell.com/service/FAQs#lightfast-rating



“Cosmos Field”、描き始め

* 私の作品(完成作)をご覧になるには、上の黒いメニューで

* インクの耐久性
販売用のマーカー点描作品の場合、私はFaber-Castell社のPITT Artist Pensのうち、  “**” または “***” のみを使用しております!
同社によれば、PITT Artist Pens のうち “**” のペンのインクは25年以上、
“***” のペンのインクは100年以上、もつそうです。
詳しくは、次の英語のウェブページの“What does the lightfast rating mean?” (耐光性のしるしの意味は?)をお読みくださいませ

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