Experimenting with oil pastel strokes / オイルパステルの短い線で実験中です

Just another 20-min croquis (quick drawing) from the May 15 session —
Of course, it is rough and coarse — it should be — since it is an experiment with strokes of oil pastel.
You can pooh-pooh at this, if you’d like to. No matter you do so or not, I definitely need to experiment with oil pastel, a painting medium still terribly under-developed!

Just a 20-min experiment with oil pastel strokes, oil pastel on paper
(Not for sale, of course)

5月15日のクロッキー(速写画)会から、20分クロッキーをもう1つ ・・・


Of course, it's rough and coarse --- an experiment with strokes!

Of course, it’s rough and coarse — an experiment with strokes!


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