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本日、2020年9月22日 JST にこの導入を記しております。
私 Heeday Francisの自己紹介は、別のページ a-2) をご覧ください。(上の黒いメニューで、a-2) をクリック)

原発事故 → 放射性物質 → 不安! → マーチ(デモ)などの運動 → 時の経過とともに、忘れられていく(「不安というなら今は放射能より、コロナウィルスだ!」とか)

1) 確かに、原発事故からの放射性物質は危険です。
←→ でも、核発電(原子力発電)で危険なのは、それだけ??
2) 具体的には、核兵器という「もっと危険なもの」との関連性は??
←→ たとえば2017年ごろの「北朝鮮からのミサイル騒ぎ」の頃、反原発諸団体からも、核兵器と核発電(原子力発電)の関連性を訴える情報発信が、もっとなされるべきだと私は考えていました。しかし、その「悪魔的関連性」を訴える反原発団体が少なかった・・・そもそも日本での「反核」運動は、「反核兵器」と「反核発電」とに分裂してきたのですね。(後日、もっと詳しく述べます)
3) 原発事業なんて、電力だけ売っていたんじゃ、ビジネスとして採算が合うの??「発電コストに上乗せ方式」が認められているから、やってこれただけじゃ?
←→ これは、各種反原発団体からもすでにご指摘のある問題です。でも、原発事業の各社に「今後は、廃炉や放射性ごみの保管を、ビジネスにしてくださいな」という提言をする反原発団体は多くはありません。

上の 1) ばかりにフォーカスした反原発運動は言うまでもなく、
・ 「原発なしで、電気は足りるの?」
・ 「CO2削減は、どうするの?」
・ 「これから地球人口も電力消費も増えていくのに、原発はもっと

本ウェブサイトでは上記の 2)の問題に主なフォーカスを絞り、アレコレ事例を紹介したり、考えたりしたいのですね。



・ 私は「辞書的に正確な翻訳」をする人間ではない、
・ そもそも、無断で他人の文章を引用翻訳すると、著作権に関する法律上の問題が発生する場合がある

"--- Is lifting mw up" 2016年に私が描いたオイルパステル絵画 * 本宇x部サイト中のイラストは、必ずしも本文とは関連しない場合があります。あらかじめ、ご了承願います。 いずれも、私が以前に描いた絵画やクロッキーで。す

“— Is lifting mw up” 未完成状態
* 本ウェブサイト中のイラストは、必ずしも本文とは関連しない場合があります。あらかじめ、ご了承願います。

  • The image above is an oil pastel painting I made back in 2016, titled “— Is lifting me up” (unfinished).
    The illustrations in this website do not necessarily correspond to what the text says. I’d appreciate your understanding.
    Anyway, they are all paintings / croquis I have made

Sorry, this website is mainly in Japanese!

Dear friends,
I, Heeday Francis, am writing this intro on September 22nd, 2020.
Below, in this web page, I describe the objectives, assumed readers, etc. of this website, “Just put a kettle on it, and now it’s a peaceful use”.
For a self-introduction of myself, Heeday, please read Page a-2). (Just click a-2) on the black menu above!)

Almost a decade has passed —
Almost a decade has passed since Fukushima Daiichi began melting down. I’ve been involved in some citizen movements against nuclear power.
Unfortunately, much of such movement has followed the deplorable pattern of
Major nuclear accident –> Radioactivity! –> Fear! –> Marches and other responses –> Time passes, and the movement dies out. (“Hey, the fear today is the corona virus, rather than radioactivity!”, for instance)

Did such movement have effective understanding of the issue??
Allow me to speak quite honestly. I did think that there were some problems with many of the citizens involved in such anti-nuke movements, with respect to their perception of the nuclear issues.
1) True, radioactive substances from a major nuclear accident are dangerous.
<–> Yet is that the only danger with “nuclear power”??
2) Specifically, what about the relationship between nuclear power and something more dangerous, namely “nuclear weapons”??
<–> For instance, when North Korean missiles shocked the whole of Japan back in 2017 and around, I expected many anti-nuclear power groups would spread info on the essential relationship between nuclear weapons and power generation. I was preparing to create illustrations and/or write something for such “anti-nuclear evangelism” —- alas, not many anti-nuke groups began such activities!
Traditionally, Japan’s anti-nukes have been divided into two camps, “anti nuclear weapons” and “anti-nuclear power”. (I’ll come back to this division later on someday.)
3) Purely business wise, can a nuclear power generation business make both ends meet and stand on its own, if it just sells electric power generated?? In Japan, power companies are legally allowed to “just add up to the cost” to determine the power rates. Probably, this has been a major factor that has enabled the “business impossible” to make both ends meet.
<–>Many anti-nuke groups have already pointed out this “impossible cost structure made legal”. Still, I believe more groups should have proposed to nuclear businesses that they should shift their focus to reactor decommissioning and safe storage of radioactive waste, in the coming years. I did not find many anti-nuke groups doing so.

Pro-nuke arguments I’m sick and tired of
As you can easily imagine, focusing on 1) above alone would easily invite counterarguments from pro-nukes such as:
・ “Will we have enough power without nuclear power??”
・ “How about CO2 reduction??”
・ “Our planet is having more people, who will consume more power. Don’t we need more nuclear power??”
Well, all the counterarguments above are out of tune with the reality. And I’m sick and tired of them, worn out excuses! (I’ll come back to them someday, in Japanese.)

This website’s objectives
I set this website’s focus on the Issue 2) above. I’ll introduce many facts and consider the relevant issues accordingly.

What I discuss and consider here in this website often reflects my experiences with Japan’s anti-nuclear power groups after March 2011.
So, this website’s language should be Japanese, with the targeted readers being readers of Japanese interested in the issue of nuclear power.

I’d appreciate your understanding!

Heeday Francis







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