Don’t disregard ball-p pens / ボールペンもバカにできない

When I go out for, say, a meeting and I don’t think I have time to make a sketch on the way — that’s when I go out without my usual sketchbook and pencils.
Alas, on my way back, I come across a scene I want to make a quick drawing of — and the sun is setting down soon.
In a case like this, I just make a quick sketch with a ball-point pen, on a scratch pad.

It’s just an ordinary ball-point pen, the kind you can get at any convenience store. Still, you can make sketches with it, as you see —
As long as “the thing” can leave some “set stains” of at least a color on, say, paper, you might be able to use it as a drawing / painting medium.

Ball-point pen croquis of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Tokyo

たとえばミーティングに出かけて、スケッチをしている時間はないだろうと思った ― そんなとき、いつものスケッチブックと鉛筆を持たずに出かける場合があります。



Also known as the St. Nicholai's Cathedral ----

Also known as the St. Nicholai’s Cathedral —-

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