Double transformations / 二重のトランスフォーメーション

Below, I posted some croquis of “life forms in time/space looking beyond” — probably, for some transformations.
Here is another — unknown life forms in green, being transformed by and into light.

Actually, I intended to try another transformation, in this painting — a transformation of a painting medium, a sort of oil pastel named “Crepus.” It’s been long used at kindergartens, and many consider it “just for li’l kids.”
Yet when I tried Crepus, I found it a good oil pastel an artist can seriously work with. So, I intended to “transform” Crepus into a serious painting medium. This painting I made with Crepus alone, on oil canvas.

“Transformation of Ugly Greens”, 725mm x 530mm, “Crepus” oil pastel on oil canvas



“Transformation of Ugly Greens”, 725mm x 530mm, 油彩用カンバスにクレパス

"Crepus" should be taken more seriously ---

“Crepus” should be taken more seriously —

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