Prices of the “Joky” bracelet below

Here are the prices —

If you want to try the Joky bracelet below, just let me know
– the designs you want (especially, whether you want a natural stone(s) in the ring or not
– the approximate size of your wrist circumference (though the work is size-adjustable to some extent).
Then, I can make some to your order.

Price: JPY3,000- or more per piece
* With no natural stone or an ornament, JPY3,000- a bracelet
* With a natural stone / ornament or more, JPY3,000- plus the actual price of the natural stone(s) and the price for the ornament(s) (negotiable)

To make an order or an inquiry, just e-mail me, Heeday, at

IMPORTANT NOTES on orders from outside Japan:
Needless to say, shipping an order outside Japan costs some unignorable shipment, and banks charge some hefty commissions for international payments.  So I have to ask for the following:
* I can only accept an order of JPY6,000- or more (for instance, two bracelets without a natural stone, or more) from outside Japan.
I’d appreciate your understanding of this!

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