Still an enigma — / まだ、訳が分かりませんね

Below, on 6/14, I posted the priming of a painting to come.
Though other jobs have forced me to keep it on pause for some time, I have resumed working on it.
As you see, it is still enigmatic. Please wait until its motif becomes clear —-

“????” — oil on carton, 26cm x 36cm (10.2″ x 14.2″), still underpaint

ご覧のとおり、まだ何が何だか分からないですね。モティーフがハッキリしてくるのを、お楽しみに …

“????” — 厚紙に油彩, 26cm x 36cm , まだ下塗り中

Still underpaint

Still underpaint

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